Services Outsourcing Industrial Park. Main drivers of the project are Mr. Fan and Mr. Huang of the Chinese company Zongije Technology (Shanghai) Co based in Shanghai Jiarding and Mr. Günter Pytel of the MCI Group of Companies based in the EU and HK. They have created a special purpose company for the project called Shanghai Jiading International intelligent Services Outsourcing Industrial Park (SOIP)
This project is fully supported by the Jiading Industrial Zone Administration Committee Technology City and the Shanghai City and regional Government. The not often granted business permit for Outsourcing and Techno Park was granted to the SOIP project last week.
SOIP is directed by the government to undertake activities in attracting European high technology companies to the project. SOIP shall establish EU bases via MCI to handle this aspect of business. SOIP shall undertake all outsourcing activities such as logistic, accounting, trading, human resources and manufacturing.  
Mr. Fan, Mr. Huang and Mr. Pytel are the board members of SOIP and international outsourcing and management staff and technical experts are engaged. The local Chinese net work of Zongije Technology and the EU/CEE network of MCI shall serve the project  
Presently the company operates out of a purpose purchased adequate office building of 300 m² in Jiarding in order to have a home to prepare the project. A new and adequate building needs to be acquired in order to accommodate the project
SOIP is therefore in the process to acquire a 100 000 m² property in Jiarding Shanghai to act as the China base of the company. The property is a former office park with 60 000.m² modern buildings already on it and it planned to erect a further 40 000 m² additional office centre on the site.  
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