Market Entry to China for EU / CEE / SEE Companies


MCI Group of Companies (MCI) is an International organization offering market entrance to companies in the EU/CEE via a cross fertilization of culture and business between China and the European continent.


Despite worldwide interest, China is not an easy market for new foreign entrants to penetrate the market due to cultural differences and difficult structures in doing business there (for example, government red tape and reliance on personal relationships with authorities and associations). MCI together with an EU based network and significant Chinese net work on local Government and Chinese Partners is ready to support and help new foreign entrants into the China market.

MCI has support agreements with three Chinese Cities Techno Parks and their relevant local Government agencies to provide structures programs to EU/CEE companies to grasp the opportunities to enjoy preferential policies offered by Chinese government to start up business on lucrative and booming Chinese market.

With this program MCI can offer EU/CEE companies a two staged program:

1. First they can get to know the China market via an intensive program of conferences, round table discussions, seminars and exhibitions in ready provided facilities

2. Second they can use a ready platform to undertake their business in China

For the EU/CEE companies seeking market entry in China this program shall provide


· for trading company’s Chinese wholesales or markets can be provided

· for company’s wishing to manufacture in China, local manufacturing opportunities or local manufacturing partners can be provided

· companies can show showcase projects, and products in Chinese local exhibitions

· for technology companies Chinese R&D or market partners can be provided

· for new technology Chinese development and production partners can be provided

· environment and technology companies to get first-hand investment opportunities


For companies opening their business and settling in China


· favorable settling terms and location provided

· preferential policies are offered

· provide buildings and construction help

· tax advantages

· permits and licenses help


MCI key focus is in bringing key buyers and new business opportunities to our EU/CEE/SEE companies. Our Chinese Government partners in the project and our local team in China are experts on this subject. They strong database and the quality meeting program of the China side  combined with the MCI Net work of international support, ensure relevant EU/CEE companies a easy entrance into the China market


As this program is supported by Chinese government and the local management of the Techno Parks, and executed by MCI the participants in the program are offered:


The first stage all local facilities and advise are provided free of charge. This includes free participation on event and exhibition facilities, free China intern transport and complementary hotel and catering facilities. The program shall provide individual suited Chinese market or business connections or introduction to local market for the participants.

MCI arrange the European introduction to the program, flights and logistics, translators, and transfers and pre preparations. For this part MCI local partner company will charge accordingly.


The second stage of the program shall be individual tailor maid to the company concern.


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